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Major Projects

Here are recent projects that include a mix of writing, communications and audience engagement. 

Internet Archive launches historic 25th anniversary campaign

To celebrate its 25 year milestone in providing universal access to knowledge, the Internet Archive launches a robust campaign that shows us the future of the internet. Learn More

Nearly 500 artists & technologists gather at DWeb Camp 2022

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to serve as associate producer for DWeb Camp. It's an annual event that brought together nearly 500 leading artists and technologists to make the Web better for everyone. Learn More

In January of 2023, the Open Library Community Podcast officially launched. Come see what we're up to!

The Open Library is home to more than 6 Million book lovers. It is the largest open source, non-profit, community-powered digital library. Myself and a handful of volunteers set out to launch a podcast to share books and stories about culture and innovation. Learn More

Homeless Hotel, $3 Million Raised in 30 days

In 2016, not long after graduating from culinary school, I suffered a traumatic brain injury. During my recovery, I saw how difficult it can be to understand complex health information. To help solve that problem, I wrote the book, "Crumbs In My Head: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Relationship Between Food and Your Brain". Learn More

Book publishing project on nutritional cognitive neuroscience for brain injury survivors

15 years ago, with no other place to go, I moved into a run-down hotel. In a matter of weeks after arriving there, I had come up with an idea that would change everything. Learn More

Marketing Copywriting for Pioneering, Cellular Nutrition Brand—Endorsed by Elon Musk's mom, Maye

Hired by frog, a global leader in design innovation, I was assigned to write marketing copy for a groundbreaking cellular nutrition brand. This marked the first time I worked in-house for such a widely known design studio. Learn More