Hi, thank you for visiting my portfolio.

I am currently based in the California Bay Area, and my work involves program design, community engagement, and leading volunteer-led projects in the realm of open-source technology.

Nick is a consummate professional with a heart! He has helped us at InnovatorMD with his unique ideas, sage advice and brilliant writing. I wish him success in his future endeavors.

- Dr. Uli Chettipally | Founder of InnovatorMD and Siri Therapuetics

Nick is prolific. He has a robust understanding of cutting-edge technology and how to connect with prospects of all types in meaningful ways. I am delighted to recommend Nick as a professional.

- Cory Lopes-Warfield, CEO (LinkedIn, 460k, 1B views)

Nick has a keen ability to align your UX writing and marketing copywriting  with business objectives. I can confidently say that Nick has this process down to a science!

Michael Ochnicki, Senior UX Content Designer, Adobe

I love Nick’s way of expressing complex medicine and healthcare technology into very simple examples. His writing is appealing for people in medicine as well as people layman in medical jargon.

Braj Agrawal, MD, Neurologist, Clinical Researcher, San Mateo Medical Association